2011 was the year when “Impractical Jokers” started airing on television. The comedy series follows a group of four friends (Joe, Murr, Brian “Q,” and Sal) taking up challenges and daring to such an extent to generate doses of laughter among the audience. The humor of the show has been successful in winning the hearts of millions of people across the globe. So, get ready to laugh your heads off with these eight best Impractical Jokers Episodes. 

Brother in loss (S3E31)

The first in the list of funniest Impractical Jokers episodes is “Brother In Loss.” The jokers try every possible thing to land a job at Appetizer Mobile. They give ridiculous interviews. Only 1 out of four, that is, Q, manages to land an offer. Then comes the next challenge. These guys go to the Staten Island Ferry and mimic funny gestures outside the ferry terminal. The ending of the episode depicts the punishment for Sal given by Murr. The three jokers take Murr onto a dolly, wheeling him into the wedding of Sal’s sister Jenna, and get him married to her against his will. This is one imprinted memory on Sal’s heart.  

brother in loss

Smashing success (S9E6)

“Smashing Success” is next to the top Impractical Jokers episodes list. In this episode, all four jokers act as office managers, and they are looking to hire a security guard. The dare here is to do every possible thing to convince the candidate to take up a job. They pretend to be artists-in-residences and do everything that is directed in front of the people volunteering to paint the furniture. Guess who loses this challenge? It is again Sal. This time, he was given the punishment of damaging the furniture that volunteers had been working on and putting their hard work into it.   


What’d I Eat (S1E10)

Some of the best Impractical Jokers Episodes are quite challenging to find, especially of Season 1. This is what holds true in the case of What’d I Eat. This episode is filled with numerous bizarre challenges. You will find the guys going to the Ikea store and “working” in the bedding department. If you are thinking that all they will do here is bed comedy to spark fun, you are not alone. Joe orchestrates a wide-pillow fight. A pigtailed child scores a direct hit on Joe. All in all, the episode is filled with moments of fun and laughter. 

  funniest episodes of impractical jokers

Blind Justice (S4E18)

Sal loses a challenge called “Rope-A-Dopes.” All the guys teach an unsuspecting student how to box while saying ridiculous things. Do you know what’s the best part of this episode? Praising Sal’s commitment to being the hilarious and stupidest boxing teacher he can ever be in his life. The end of the episode sees Sal pretending to be a hardened convict and scaring a few teenagers away from a life of crime. While doing so, he was given the challenge of wearing blackout glasses so that he couldn’t see who he was speaking to or yelling at. He was actually yelling at a group of senior citizens who were unable to control their laughter. The catch here is to continue yelling even after removing the glasses and finding out your audience is elderly. 


Virtual insanity (S5E15)

Inducing chaos throughout every episode is the motto of Impractical Jokers. This episode shows the jokers in the supermarket, where they start playing a “Catch-Catch” with the things present there. They are also featured in some hilarious acts where they try getting the signatures of strangers for some ridiculous causes. Now, what is the loser of this challenge made to do? He is locked in a room, and he has to play a horror game using a virtual reality headset. Watch this episode for some phenomenal expressions and scares. 

Who’s phone is ringing (S5E11)

This is the episode in which, again, Sal is the joker who loses the challenge. Do you know what he has to do now? Pretending to read a book in the book reading club while having his phone constantly ringing. At one point in this episode, one woman becomes so frustrated that she goes to turn off Sal’s mobile. But Sal has been instructed by the jokers to turn the phone back on. So, he does the same. Joker continues to mess with the other attendees. 


Everything’s Just Rosie

One of the funniest impractical Joker episodes, Everything’ Just Rosie, starts with the jokers participating in three challenges. The first challenge is to do and say everything as instructed at a bowling alley. Followed by putting as many scoops of mashed potatoes as they can on the plates of the guests. The last one is to get someone and make him see what they see in a cloud. Here, Q loses. He is made to give a science lecture to a group of strangers, where the best part arrives. He is joined by a special guest star, Rosie O’Donnell.


Look Out Below (S3E1)

“Look Out Below” begins with a classic challenge. The jokers impersonate the bellhops, trying to earn some money in the form of a tip. Somehow, all of them manage to get it. Yet another challenge emerges in the form of selling hotdogs in the park and also pitching ridiculous inventions simultaneously. The ending of the episode sees Murr as the loser, and he is given the punishment of skydiving. As he is already afraid of heights, this episode is fun to watch. 



That was the eight funniest Impractical Joker episodes. Which one is your best? Let us know, and follow Viral Biz for more such recommendations.