Microsoft has been doing innovations with its windows for almost ten years. You would be surprised to know that the first generation surface device came into the market in 2012 and was known by the name “Surface .”Most people were doubtful about this device and didn’t like it much. But that doesn’t deter Microsoft from experimenting. Within a short span of time, Surface Pro made Microsoft the go-to maker of Windows 2-in-1s. 

After years of experimenting and introducing small changes, Microsoft came up with a new device, namely Surface Pro 8. 

And what’s the best deal about it? Let’s understand this in detail with the review of this device. 

Price and configuration

You can choose many configurations in the graphite and platinum model of the laptops. The platinum model comes in 8 different configurations, while the graphite model comes in 4 various configurations. The starting price for the platinum model is 999 US dollars. In contrast, 1199 US Dollars marks the price beginning for the graphite model. 


Both platinum and silver models reflect a matte finish that makes it easy for you to hold the laptop. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t show your fingerprints. The black color of the laptop feels as stunning as ever. You can even use it without a case. But if the laptop you buy weighs 891g, you need to prop it up if you wish to continue using it for a long period of time. You still cannot use it for photography every time. It is quite challenging to get the right exposure in photos, even with proper lighting. It is advisable to use it more for scanning documents and information. 

The laptop has thinner bezels which make the display 11% larger than the Surface Pro 7 device. Furthermore, it comes with a larger screen and impeccable features for video calling without any USB-A ports. All in all, the system looks amazing when placed on your desk. 


Microsoft Surface Pro 8 contains four thunderbolt ports which are a power button, two thunderbolts, 4 USB-C ports, and a surface connect port. The volume button and headphone jack are on the left side. You can even connect monitors, external hard drives, and GPUs to it. Make full use of its Bluetooth connectivity by pairing the devices like Bluetooth gaming controllers or Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse. 


The 13-inch Pixel Sense touchscreen display with a 120 Hz refresh fate supports Adaptive Color technology and Dolby Vision. The display is vivid and bright in both light and dark environments. Whenever you stream video content on the laptop, you will be able to notice the small details. It maintains a great balance between color and brightness. So, you can’t refrain from the brilliant picture quality of Microsoft Surface Pro 7.  


Undoubtedly, this system is commendable when it comes to performing daily tasks. And when you have to use it for gaming purposes, the performance is just phenomenal. Every program on this system runs smoothly. The system has a built-in Windows 11 OS that plays an extremely important role in its impressive performance. It takes only 3 minutes faster than its rivals to transcode a video down from 4K to FHD. 

Battery life

The battery of the device lasts for up to 16 hours if you use it, typically with auto brightness and adaptive color disabled. But it has been found that if you continue browsing the web or watching YouTube, the battery will go on for 7 hours. When it runs out of battery, use a 65W battery to charge it again in a quick manner. It charges your system approximately 18% in 15 minutes and full in approximately one and a half hours. The estimated battery watt hour is 50.2. It is slightly lower than the Surface Pro 7+. 


This system came out near to Windows 11. It is the first device that had Microsoft’s operating system installed. It is very different from Windows 10. There is no tablet mode or bloatware in this system. All the features and applications in this device are easy and natural to use.  

To make a long story short

Believe it or not, it is definitely true that the surface pro 8 is an excellent model as compared to the previous models. It has upgraded accessories. The display is enough for gaming and work purposes. The audio quality is high, with incredible webcams, a touch-friendly OS, and a good processing system. All in all, you can consider buying this device for your purposes, having read all the information provided above.